Stretching and Body-Therapy


Stretching is the number one thing we all NEED to do, yet never do! Having said that, worry no more, because you can book a personalized stretching session with a qualified coach at our private fitness studio! It's one of the best-feeling treatments you can do!

At Milesfit, we offer stretching and body-therapy sessions that consist of individualized stretches based on your body's unique posture, pains, and/or tightness. The practitioner will manually stretch you on a massage table releasing tight and/or aching muscles leaving you feeling great, aligned, looser, and with less pain. In certain cases, principles of sports massage are also integrated. This is a "clothes-on" treatment session (30 or 60-minutes). 

The benefits of stretching include:

1) Decreasing / eliminating body-pains

2) Improving overall posture/alignment

3) Reducing the chances of future pain/injuries/postural problems

4) Improving overall movement/bio-mechanics/performance


This treatment is for anyone who has any of the following:

1) Tight muscles (everyone alive!)

2) Postural elements they want to work on (forward head posture, slouching upper back, asymmetrical hips/shoulders, etc.)

3) Pains: lower-back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, etc.

4) Injuries or issues: herniated disc(s), plantar fasciitis, runner's knee, tennis elbow, etc.


*As mentioned before, everyone will benefit from this treatment as improving one's flexibility has a multitude of benefits across the board.

To improve your flexibility, reduce your pain, and just simply feel great, contact us to find out more or book an appointment! E-mail us at or call us at 514-487-3838.

*Insurance receipts available!