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“Finally lose weight, get in shape and feel amazing with the best personal trainers in town! The Milesfit Montreal Private Personal Training Studio is the solution for you!”

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If you are fed up with NOT looking the way you want to look, NOT fitting properly into your clothes and just NOT being happy with your body, worry no more, because we can help you finally get the results you want! (Insert sigh of relief AND feeling of hope here!)

You will:

  • Lose weight and feel great!
  • Be healthy and strong!
  • Sleep well and have lots of energy!
  • Be confident and feel amazing!

At the Milesfit Montreal Personal Training Studio we do one thing, and we do it better than anyone else in the city. We help people lose weight, feel amazing and get into the best shape of their lives all in a 100% private environment (literally like no other).

  • No packed and crowded gyms.
  • No crazy diets.
  • No cookie-cutter workout plans.
  • No memberships.

We offer personalized coaching in private training rooms with customized nutrition and workout plans tailored to your exact needsWe are all about you: everything related to you, and your health/fitness journey.

Milesfit was founded by Miles Krol. Miles has over 15 years of experience as a personal trainer, posturologist, nutrition coach, holistic kinesiologist, and naturopath. In addition to this vast array of knowledge, Miles also draws on his own personal experience. Having formerly trained for powerlifting, Miles once bulked up to a total of 280 lbs. He then went on to lose over 120 lbs to achieve the lean, fit physique he has today. 

One of the special things that fundamentally sets us apart from the competition is that we are not just personal trainers, but also coaches. What is a coach you may ask? A coach by definition is someone who cares about you, your story, and your journey. A coach is someone who stands by your side, and supports you no matter what. A coach is someone who helps you push your limits, and is there every step of the way to congratulate you on your progress. At Milesfit, we are passionate coaches who love what we do, and we care about you as the most important person to us.

In addition to our unique coaching approach, we are very proud to say that we have the best environment and community of any facility in Montreal. While many people have experienced gyms full of intimidation, competition, and ego, our facility strives to deliver the complete oppositewe bring compassion, honesty, and total support. When you come to the Milesfit Personal Training Studio, the first thing you will notice is an amazing energy and an encouraging and compassionate atmosphere. You will see a phenomenal team of enthusiastic, and passionate trainers, and many of our smiling clients laughing, and enjoying themselves! Our facility, and our experience is truly one of a kind, and we attribute this to the simple fact that we genuinely care about our clients, and we love what we do. We are constantly being praised for how unique, and special we are, and as a team, we are extremely proud of this, and truly grateful to serve our clients every day.


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Here is what our awesome clients have to say:


Miles's client of 7-years Michael was due for a hip-replacement surgery. Fortunately, through weekly exercises sessions the Milesfit studio, not only did he avoid the surgery, they strengthened things to the point where Michael has been able to play tennis and ski for the last 3-years without any issues!

"About 6 years ago, I injured my hip playing tennis. It was an injury that was worse than what I originally thought. The only way I could rectify that was to do some specific exercises as opposed to working out. With Miles, those exercises were directly related to my hip and strengthening it, so this didn’t occur again. 

And I’ve been doing that ever since and I’m never had since. My hip has been much, much better. As long as I keep doing the exercises, it would appear that I would have this injury under control. 

I’m playing tennis still. I’m now able to play 3 or 4 times a week without any problem whatsoever, and I’m fit enough to do that. And that’s all been from working out on a regular basis for 7 years now."

 - Michael


"Over time I’ve seen an incredible change in my body, my resistance, my cardiovascular  abilities. 

You have to be patient. You have to put the time and the effort in. But if you do have a regular routine here with Miles, there’s no question that you’ll see great improvement. I have."



"There's always a risk. But you can't be safer than this right now. I trust Miles Krol and his suggestions, and I came back and I never looked back." 

Jay, Milesfit client for over 2 years, on his experience at Milesfit during COVID-19 

"Miles is very attuned of what your goals and needs are. He's obviously well trained himself. He's obviously in tuned with what's going on out there as far as trends, as far as what's happening in the fitness industry." 



"In the last 6 weeks, I've seen a tremendous change, in terms of body tone and feeling better overall. It really is a drastic change in just 6 weeks." 



"I met Miles 6 or 7 years ago. He helped me completely nutrition. He showed me that you can be healthier without sacrificing good foods. He taught me a lot in terms of weightlifting. His background as a powerlifter really helped me to have the correct form on every lift. He's a great trainer. He listens a lot to his clients. He's very creative. He creates very nice and basic but effective workouts." 




"With Miles what I enjoy so much is when I come here, I really get an education not only on nutrition and fitness, but I also learn a lot about myself and what my potential is. I'm rediscovering my character that was lying dormant for many years. I started to really pull out the athletic mindset that I've had from way back when. And I'm feeling better than I've ever felt, even in my 20s or 30s.

I don't know where the future lies, but I'm seeing myself becoming an athlete again. Which is something that I had never even considered when I first signed up."

- Jay Levine





"I cannot say enough good things about Miles and the Milesfit online training sessions. I have been doing the workouts since March. and I am still going strong completely motivated. Each session is a complete body workout incorporating exercise plus warm up and cool down stretching. Miles expertly explains the exercises and offers options for all levels. I am feeling in great shape physically and mentally..better than I have felt in years. Thanks Miles."

- Jo-Anne Spooner


Comments from a workout:


“A year and a half ago, I said “Donna you need to lose weight." I had been through a few stressful life-changing events, had put on a lot of weight and had high blood pressure. I needed to get healthy. I looked on the web for private trainers in NDG and Milesfit caught my eye. I started training with Miles three times a week and started to feel very good. My blood pressure was improving. I was losing inches and adding muscle. It has now been 15 months and I feel great, I’m strong, health is much better and I’ve lost 20 pounds. Fifteen months ago when I started at Milesfit, Miles was the sole trainer in a small studio. Since then he has added a new, larger studio and 5 more trainers. This is one success story as far as I’m concerned!”

-Donna Clardige


“I began working out at Milesfit in February of 2015. The team is exceptional in every single way. The results I have achieved during the past few months are largely due to the perfect combination of both fitness and nutrition. Miles’ nutrition program has allowed me to live a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. Ultimately, it is the friendly, easy going, motivating atmosphere at Milesfit that keeps me coming back and always has me looking forward to my next session. I owe a large portion of my success in my health journey to Milesfit and it is because of them that I have achieved and become the healthiest version of myself.”


“I have been training at Miles fit for 8 months.  My original plan was to invest in 3-month training program but given the exceptional results and overall experience, I have decided that this is the best approach for me. The entire staff at Milesfit genuinely care about their clients overall well-being.  They have really created a unique and fun atmosphere. Now… I actually look forward to working out!”

-Brigitte Skeene


“I’ve been with Milesfit since March 2015-present. My experience at Milesfit from day 1 has been an experience like no other. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. From the moment I first walked into Milesfit, they opened my eyes to nutrition, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I’d say it is one of the most positive, life-changing experiences I’ve ever had. Milesfit is definitely worth it! I highly recommend them!!”

-Belinda Woodward

"We were first introduced to Milesfit at the Monkland Village event last summer. My husband and I had tried everything from personal trainers and going to the gym but nothing was permanent. We had a baby at home and no one to help watch her while we were gone. When we first went to Milesfit, we loved how friendly they were and loved the fact that we could bring our daughter in with us. We started last August and absolutely love working out now. I highly recommend you give them a try because it's the best gym in town."

-Katherine Debs & Karim Hassouna (and Zelda!!)

“Before coming to Milesfit, Nick and I were not in very good shape. Between the lack of physical activity as well as our bad eating habits we were not leading a very healthy lifestyle. We finally made the decision to change our ways and joined Milesfit in February 2016. 

With the help of the Milesfit team, Nick and I have lost over 30 pounds combined.  In addition to changing our eating habits we have been training three times per week and have seen amazing results. Not only do we look better, but we feel much better too!”

-Nick Cerulli and Melissa Acciaioli


"I have been a client at Milesfit for about one year so far and have accomplished amazing results so far.

The two years prior to joining Milesfit, I was marred with some bad sports injuries to my left shoulder and my left knee. As a result of those injuries, I started to put on quite a bit of weight and had some mobility problems.

One year later, I have lost over 30 lbs! During my evaluation, I struggled to do 5 push ups, now I can do 100! I had difficulty walking up a flight of stairs; I can now jump over 3 feet in a vertical jump!

My progression has been great. I still haven’t got to the level I want to be at yet, but that will come."

“The Enthusiastic Team at Milesfit has played an instrumental role in helping me regain control of my health. Armed with a nutritional guide and food plan provided by Milesfit I was able to take my weight loss to the next level. In just 4 months I lost 25lbs and several inches. I am proud of what I have accomplished and know I wouldn't have been able to get here with out the continuous support and motivation of the Milesfit team.”

-Kevin Laverdiere

“At last year’s Monkland Street Festival, I sheepishly went to the Milesfit booth because I knew my weight was past its best before date and I had to do something about it. The problem was that I abhor exercise and my treadmill at home was making a stylish coat rack. I put his business card in my pocket and forgot all about him until I came back from a road trip tipping the scales at a level that my doctor was not happy with. I told him I’d lose 10 pounds. He said I should shoot for 20. So I found the damn card and called them and signed  up for the 3x a week plan. That was 6 months ago. I have lost 13 pounds.

Now I go 4x a week and the results speak for themselves. I still have another 7 pounds to go so I’m going to be sticking around for a while yet. But if you’re an aging boomer who is getting past the point of no return, this place is for you. Seems that exercise is good for you. Who knew?”

-Lorne Granofsky

"Milesfit is an amazing collective of trainers who understand every individual's needs."



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And more testimonials!

“Milesfit has provided me with a neighbourhood professional service in encouraging me to keep myself physically healthy and in shape. For me it is not building a six pack or showing of my biceps. They simply help me to gradually increase my stamina, carefully observing my breathing and my flexibility--my back, my shoulders, my knee strength. At my age this is a very appropriate service.”

-Rana Bose


“Milesfit’s holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing has been instrumental in controlling my back pain and reducing soft tissue inflammation. I highly recommend them for total fitness needs.”

-Sandra Fornasier


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And even MORE results!



*ALL of the results of the individuals in the below before and after pictures are unique to them and their journeys. In no way do we promise such exact results. There are many factors that go into a lifestyle shift and physique transformation. Having said that, at Milesfit, we do our best to help you along your journey of health and fitness providing you with our full expertise and guidance. **RESULTS MAY VARY FROM PERSON TO PERSON** due to genetics, exercise ability, age, gendre, medical history and many other related factors.


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