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Milesfit's COVID-19 Safety Procedures & Policies
A wise man once said: "Health is wealth!" A short and sharp line of wisdom with profound and deep truth. Without one's health, one cannot truly be wealthy on any level – personally, professionally, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Your well-being is the foundation of your entire life and existence. With that being said (in particular right now during these challenging COVID times), taking control of your fitness and nutrition is paramount! Having a strong immune system, healthy body-composition, and deeply engrained wellness habits (regular exercise, a healthy diet, and stress management tactics) are the pillars of thriving in these trying time!
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Exercise in the Time of COVID
We all know that exercise is important, but now more so than ever! Covid-19 has created a whole new world, and it is making it even harder to be active. Sure, gyms have opened again, we have more opportunities now to get fit, stay active, and be healthier again, but with Winter coming and us all already and already moving around less from being forced to work at home or simply not doing as many activities due to social distancing we all need an extra push to keep motivated.
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Training with a Mask On
Amid this new way of life, one of the biggest changes (in Montreal at least) is that we are now required to wear a mask when in public indoor settings. Unfortunately for us, being at the gym and working out is no exception to this rule here at Milesfit. We all know how uncomfortable is it, and having to wear one all the time can be annoying, but to help you through it here are some dos and don’ts of wearing a mask during your visit at our studio:
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My Lockdown Experience
March 15th, the fateful day the world as we know it completely changed. That was the day the "lockdown" was officially announced here in Montreal, and people everywhere were suddenly working from home, out of a job, finishing school online, or simply stuck at home with nothing to do. Many took that opportunity to bake up a storm, start a new fitness regime, redecorate their houses, and so on and so forth; you name it, they were doing it. I, on the other hand, (for the first time since I was maybe 10) found out what it was like to have free time.
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