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7 Biceps Curl Variations
In this article, Holly, Milesfit trainer, walks us through 7 bicep curl variations. Turns out the bicep curl is not simple after all ;) You can activate many muscle groups include the core and forearms. Without further ado, let's dive in!
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The Power of the Middle Ground
In today's day and age, we've become an all or nothing culture. We’ve seem to have lost the art of finding the middle-ground where one can find balance and compromise. This is one of the reasons why diets don't work. People are either "on" or "off." They're either on a diet and things are "on track" or they screw up and fall off (and the "screw-it" syndrome begins with a huge trip to binge-city!) What if the solution was simply found in the grey zone?
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Change Your Habits, Change Your Life
“Meaningful change starts with introspection and honest consideration.” Our lives are largely structured by our habits. For example, the job we have is the product of a set of habits we developed to gain the skills to be qualified for that job. Now we have habits that allow us to continue our work, from getting dressed in the morning, to our commute to work, to the way we handle the tasks at our job. We create habits to get us what we want, and to maintain what we have. These habits can become deeply ingrained in us, to the point where they are subconscious. We go through the motions of these habits without thinking about it. It’s just how we live. However, not all of our habits help us. Some of those subconscious processes can hinder us when we want to make important changes in our lives. A habit that serves you where you’re at won’t always help you get to where you want! The solution is to change, but how do we do it? Well, this is the ultimate question!
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"The secret is not to cut out anything! It’s to have a healthy relationship with food: one where you have an all inclusive approach and mentality." Our clients ask us all the time if they should cut out sugar on their weight-loss journeys. Our answer is no! If you completely abstain from something, all you’re going to do is create built up tension! What this inevitably results in is breaking the strict regime, consuming some sugar, and feeling a ton of guilt and shame! And when you feel guilt and shame, you will also inevitably end up in a town called binge-city! Where you develop a syndrome known as f*ck-it syndrome, and you throw every single good dietary principle out the window! The secret is not to cut out anything! It’s to have a healthy relationship with food: one where you have an all inclusive approach and mentality. This is exactly how we coach our clients. We don’t believe in diets and we don’t believe in strict nutrition protocols. Yes, if you’re a super athlete or you’re training for a competition, by all means you do need a strict and regimented approach. But, if you’re like 99% of the population, and you just want to enjoy food, and look and feel great, then you have to have a healthy relationship with food that permits a long term sustainable way of eating!
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