7 Biceps Curl Variations


In this article, Holly, Milesfit trainer, walks us through 7 bicep curl variations. Turns out the bicep curl is not simple after all ;) You can activate many muscle groups include the core and forearms. Without further ado, let's dive in!

If you want to watch Holly to perform each variation, check out the video above!

1) Standard Bicep Curl

Everyone is familiar the basic bicep curl, but not everyone can perform it correctly. Just make sure to keep your back straight, your core tight, and not to use momentum to drive the dumbbells upwards.


2) Hammer Curl

Hammer curls are a great way to focus on the forearms.


3) Zottman Curl

The Zottman curl works both the biceps and the forearm. To follow Holly's demonstration above, notice that her palms start facing towards her body, then she rotates them so her palms are facing upwards. Then continue like it was a normal bicep curl and at the top rotate your arms to that your palms towards the floor. And lower the dumbbells just like the hammer curl.


4) Biceps Curl Using the Cable Machine

Only a slight variation from the standard curl. It does however make it moderately more difficult for you to use momentum to bring the dumbbells back upwards. Just remember to keep your back straight and core tight.


5) Biceps Curl Facing Away From the Cable Machine

This curl allows for more range of motion. You'll notice in the photo above that Holly can move arm further back.


6) Bicep Curl On An Incline

On the bottom part of the movement, for the standard bicep curl your arms are parallel with your torso. In this vartiation, you'll notice that the incline causes Holly's arm to be at around a 30 degree angle from her torso.  It also makes it much harder to utilize momentum.

Also, the bench forces you to keep your back more or less straight. 


7) TRX Bicep Curl

For the standard bicep curl, you're bringing the weight when it's parallel to your torso up towards your face. In this variation, your arms are starting perpendicular to your torso and you're bringing your body towards your forearms. Notice that Holly always keeps her upper arms perpendicular with her body. 


Hope you guys enjoyed that and introduce one or two of these variations into your workout routine!



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