Change Your Habits, Change Your Life


“Meaningful change starts with introspection and honest consideration.”


By Miles Krol, founder of Milesfit

Our lives are largely structured by our habits. For example, the job we have is the product of a set of habits we developed to gain the skills to be qualified for that job. Now we have habits that allow us to continue our work, from getting dressed in the morning, to our commute to work, to the way we handle the tasks at our job. We create habits to get us what we want, and to maintain what we have.

These habits can become deeply ingrained in us, to the point where they are subconscious. We go through the motions of these habits without thinking about it. It’s just how we live. However, not all of our habits help us. Some of those subconscious processes can hinder us when we want to make important changes in our lives. A habit that serves you where you’re at won’t always help you get to where you want! The solution is to change, but how do we do it? Well, this is the ultimate question!

You have to start by getting familiar with your habits. You have to start to ask questions about your life as it is now. How have my habits been useful to me? How have they potentially hindered me? Who would I like to become? What do I want from life? Which habits must change for me to reach these goals? 

The act of questioning the old, contemplating the new, and envisioning the future for yourself is integral to altering your habits, altering your circumstances, and ultimately changing your life. 

Why is introspection the answer? Because the act of stopping and analyzing your current self develops self-awareness. We begin to reinvest time into ourselves, and we cast an objective eye on our lives. We can never change if we aren’t aware of what needs to change. 

Often when we try to make changes in our lives, they are surface level decisions. We wake up one morning, try putting on our jeans and find that they don’t fit like they used to. So we decide that we want to lose weight. We were triggered and now we want to make a change. So we look for something to add to our lives: a workout program, a brand new diet. We try and add this to our lives without looking at how we reached the weight we’re at. What habits led to this? What is it I’m already doing that I can change, remove or replace to help accomplish my goal? 

The truth is that we may see some success by starting that exercise program, but if we’re still eating too many calories and a ton of processed food, as soon as we stop or slow down that exercise, we’re going to begin back-pedalling and end up right back where we started. We don’t want that. We want meaningful change, and meaningful change starts with introspection and honest consideration. It starts with asking ourselves the real questions and identifying those habits!

If you want lasting change in your life, acknowledge what it is you want to change, identify and question your habits. And then change and adapt those habits so they begin to serve you and your goals!



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