Eat Sugar


Now I know what you’re thinking. Eat sugar?! How could that be a nutrition tip?! Common fitness “logic” always tells us to avoid sugar like the plague!

Well, I’m not saying eat sugar at every meal, nor am I telling you to add a teaspoon of the stuff to every single dish! The scientific research around over-consuming sugar is clear: it’s not a great idea. 

But the fact of the matter is we want sugar. It tastes good. We’re surrounded by it. And our bodies often crave it. 

The problem with so much of the fitness world screaming “DON’T TOUCH THE SWEET STUFF” is that it creates a negative association with sugar. That negative association, and that hardline attitude to avoid sugar at all costs, means that when we do inevitably eat some sugar, we experience guilt!

“Sugar is bad, you’re bad for eating it!” 

No one wants to feel guilt, and no one wants to feel hostage of a dogmatic diet. When we are forced to adhere to those hard limits, all we’re doing is creating negative associations for ourselves, and eventually we burn out. How could a diet that makes you feel guilty all the time be sustainable?

The best solution is to practice moderation and be easier on ourselves! Enjoy some dessert every now and then! Nutrition and fitness should be positives that help you uphold and improve the other aspects of your life. If all your diet is doing is making you feel guilty, it’s time to make some changes!



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