Milesfit's COVID-19 Safety Procedures & Policies


By the Milesfit Montreal Personal Training and Fitness Team

A wise man once said: "Health is wealth!"

A short and sharp line of wisdom with profound and deep truth.

Without one's health, one cannot truly be wealthy on any level – personally, professionally, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Your well-being is the foundation of your entire life and existence. With that being said (in particular right now during these challenging COVID times), taking control of your fitness and nutrition is paramount! Having a strong immune system, healthy body-composition, and deeply engrained wellness habits (regular exercise, a healthy diet, and stress management tactics) are the pillars of thriving in these trying time!

So many people have not been in control of a consistent fitness and wellness routine because of the past 4+ months of the lock-down. People who were in some kind of groove back in March lost their mojo not being able to go to a gym or work with their personal trainer, while others who were just starting up at that time never got the lifestyle rocket launched from the launch-pad (losing all momentum). In another category, we find many who were not in any kind of consistent wellness routine at all this year. In summary, all of us have been affected in some capacity, and while it sucks to some degree, the key is not to dwell in the past, but instead focus on creating a vision of a new/compelling future when it comes to our fitness and nutrition. We have to be healthy, fit, and strong not only for ourselves and our families, but equally for our communities and the world. A healthy individual is a happy individual.

Right now, there’s a lot of concern about going back to gyms. Many people are afraid to workout in any fitness environment for fear of the virus (and rightfully so to some degree). With that being said, the Milesfit Montreal Personal Training team wants to communicate to the entire Montreal community that we have implemented the highest level of safety measures to ensure your well-being and protection! Many of our clients are Doctors and Surgeons (who have the highest level of attention and care to safety/health details). We are proud to say that they sing our praise at the highest level because of the safety action measures we’ve taken to care of our fitness-studio clients!

  • We have masks, visors, and gloves.
  • We have plastic barriers in our waiting room and studio rooms.
  • We have thermometers.
  • We have hand sanitizer upon entering and all over the place in every single studio room.
  • We implement social-distancing procedures.
  • We have outlined our studio floors with tape to separate the spaces so things aren’t crowded in any way.
  • We disinfectant equipment before, during, and after training sessions.
  • And more!

Rest assured that you can get back into a fitness routine NOW completely safe with the Milesfit Montreal Personal Training team in NDG on Monkland between Hampton and Royal!

For more information about our services, how we work, and getting started with us, send us a message! You can direct message us here on Facebook, comment down below, or search Milesfit on Google and contact us through our website contact section!

We look forward to chatting with you about your health and fitness goals!

PS: we also do online training for those unable to come in physically! One on one on ZOOM (or semi-private with a friend or partner) as well as group training online on Facebook! There's something for everyone!



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