Simple and Easy Weight Loss Tips



"The best way to start any kind of weight-loss or fitness journey is with small, incremental steps."


Having personally undergone my own weight-loss journey in the past, losing almost 120 lbs, I know how difficult and daunting the process can be. We often perceive it as a complete overhaul, a 180 degree lifestyle change. We feel like we have to start from scratch with a brand-new, complicated diet, and an intensive, gruelling exercise regimen. 

The reality is that those kinds of drastic changes are just not realistic for most people. We have jobs, families, and commitments that require our time and attention, and massive overhauls to our lifestyle simply won’t fit into our lives.

The truth is, the best way to start any kind of weight-loss or fitness journey is with small, incremental steps. I’m going to share with you some simple tips to implement that will help you start your weight-loss journey, without completely losing sight of the rest of your life and commitments!


1) Drink More Water

You’ve definitely heard it before, but it bears repeating! Water facilitates basically every function of the human body, and that most definitely includes fat loss. Keeping hydrated is a foundation of good health, and without that, any other fitness or health goal will be harder to achieve. 

Find ways to get more water throughout the day. Use a timer if you have to! 

The general tip is 8 cups a day, but I would suggest most individuals try and drink as close to a gallon a day as they can (especially if you’re exercising regularly). 


2) Walk More

One of the easiest ways to increase your activity level and boost your metabolism is simply to walk more. We all have busy lives, but I can guarantee you can find some point in your day to get a few more steps in! 

Take public transit to work? Try walking to and from the second closest bus-stop, rather than the first. Elevator up to the office? Walk a couple floors up and down before hopping on the lift. If you have time in the evening or the morning, take a few minutes for a stroll around your neighbourhood. 

Every bit helps!


3) Eat More Veggies

Vegetables provide the body with vital nutrients and fibre, which help improve our health and, in turn, support weight-loss. Find a few vegetables you like and try incorporating them into your diet with fun recipes from cookbooks and online. 

If buying fresh is ever a problem, frozen vegetables are often just as nutritious (and generally a fair bit cheaper) than their fresh counterparts. 


4) Be Easy on Yourself

This stuff takes time, and you’re only human! Take it one day at a time, and implement changes at your own pace. 

There will be days where you end up straying from your diet, or missing a workout. It’s not the end of the world, don’t get down on yourself! Be patient and give it time. Embrace the process!


Of course, these tips are just a start. Once you’ve practiced implementing these small but impactful changes into your life, you can then look into bigger shifts, like a consistent exercise regimen, or more advanced dietary changes. 

When you’re ready to take those steps, I always suggest consulting with a fitness professional who can assess your body and tailor your exercise and nutrition plans to your individual needs.



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