A State of Gratitude

"We don’t need anything more to make ourselves whole when we live in a state of gratitude."

I’m sure many of you have experienced negative self-talk. In fact, I’d go as far as to say we all have experienced this at times in our lives. We get down on ourselves and the voice in our heads seems to never have anything good to say. 

This is often caused by low self-esteem and fear. These fears are rooted deep in us, and are often enforced by the images we see around us. We live in a society that tells us we are not good enough, that we need to buy things to improve ourselves. So the self-talk persists and we become trapped in a vicious cycle. 

How do we unwind this negative energy? How do we break the cycle? Through gratitude! 

Putting ourselves in a state of gratitude allows us to appreciate what we have and the people we love. The state of gratitude is a state of abundance. We don’t need anything more to make ourselves whole when we live in a state of gratitude. It is a mindset of inclusion rather than exclusion, of positivity rather than negativity.

I suggest that every day before bed, we take just a few minutes to think about the things that we are grateful for. Our achievements, our good qualities, the things we have, the people in our lives. Just a few minutes every day to devote to gratitude.

Try this for even just a week, and see how you feel. I bet you’ll feel more at peace with yourself and be in a more positive mental state!



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