Time with Yourself


"Surrender. Detach. Align. Explore."


By Miles Krol, Founder of Milesfit

In the fast-pace World that we live in, it's sometimes quite hard to find ample time for yourself. It's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day busyness, that we forget about the importance and necessity of connecting to our inner-being.

Life is full of endless things to do, and if you had multiple lifetimes at your disposal, you'd still have a hard time doing everything that there is that can be done! With that being said, it's about managing yourself (and your goals, dreams, and desires) within the construct of the finite lifetime we have.

How do we do that?

Time with self. Disconnected. Quiet.

Time to think. Think deeply. Contemplate on another level within silence.

Without shutting off the brain from the chaos around us on a daily basis, there's no way to quiet reality and tune in to your head and heart.

Although I'm a pretty laid-back and zen kind of guy, I've been playing around with meditation for the last 3 months. To say the least, it has been a powerful experience. I've found that meditation is an amazing gateway to 1) disconnect and turn off the noise around one's self, and to 2) connect to self (in a truly present and alive moment). It's truly astonishing what you'll discover when you shut down the faucet of life and turn on and open your mind and heart.

At first when I started meditating, it seemed like a long process, even at 10 minutes. Why? I later learned that the mind is not used to being quiet for so long! But everything that first feels awkward and hard eventually becomes easier (and that's exactly what I noticed). 10 minutes turned into 15 (which then turned into 20 and now 30 minutes). 30 minutes might seem like a lot (and it is), but it's quite the experience to focus on your breath and ground yourself within your body for such a period of time. Really, it becomes a super cool experience!

Another thing I learned about meditation (and this goes for any positive change or habit one is trying to implement in life) is that when you miss sessions (sessions you scheduled and committed to within your day), don't beat yourself up about it. It's not about doing (and achieving), it's about being (and having a clear intention of your overall outcome). In other words, the objective is not to meditate every day or to eat healthy every day or workout every day, the intention (at least the one I set) is to pursue a new avenue of self-exploration and connection regardless of some time quanta. With that being the frame of mind, you release yourself from the notion of failure (failing to do whatever tasks you set out to do for yourself) and you just end up playfully doing it for the experience. There's no right, and there is no wrong. It's just about holding and executing on an intention and letting whatever unfolds, unfold.

Surrender. Detach. Align. Explore.



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