Training with a Mask On


By Elena Grivas, Athletic Therapist at Milesfit

Do wear the mask upon entering and exiting the building (and remember, proper usage involves covering both your nose and mouth).

Do wear the mask (covering both nose and mouth) as you walk through common areas of the gym (e.g.: the lobby, bathrooms, hallways).

Do keep the mask on throughout your workout.

Don’t try and haggle with your trainer over wearing it. It is the law and we must uphold it to the best of our ability.

Don’t worry if you feel like you cannot breathe during your workout, we are not monsters here at Milesfit. If your breathing is too uncomfortable while exercising, tugging your mask below your nose in this instance is perfectly fine. As long as the mask remains on your face, there should not be a problem. This also goes for anybody with pre-existing conditions (e.g.: asthma). We understand that a mask may not be possible to wear, but we still ask that it be on your face (whether it be below your nose or resting on your chin).

Do feel free to express your individuality. Masks have become the newest accessory in fitness fashion, and we love to see all the different types, colours, patterns, etc. Just because we have to wear one, does not mean we cannot be fashionable! Or, if you would like to rep our wonderful gym, ask your trainer about a “Milesfit Mask” with our logo on it.

Do remember that we are all in this together. We are not trying to single anybody out or infringe on any rights, we all must wear masks (including your trainers) and we simply want to keep our Milesfit community healthy and safe.

We understand that this is not the most ideal situation, and that nobody wants to constantly wear a mask; they make our face feel hot and sweaty, those who wear glasses will probably have to deal with them fogging up, and they sometimes hurt behind the ears. It is not the most fun, especially while exercising, but we are simply trying to do our part in respecting the rules and regulations that now govern this new normal. 



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