Tutorial: How to Properly Perform the Bench Press


By Phil, Milesfit trainer

In this article, I’m going to walk you through how to properly perform the bench press and the most common mistakes I’ve seen as a trainer. I hope it’ll help increase your lift and your PR.

Here are the steps to properly perform the bench press:

Proper form before press

    1) Feet pulled back far

    2) Heels touching the ground

    3) Hips tight and touching the bench

    4) Shoulders pulled back and tight

    5) Once you’re set up, it’s important to test your power and how you feel through this position. 

Proper form during press

    1) Drive your feet into the ground and away from yourself

    2) Push your hips down into the bench

    3) Push your shoulders into the bench as well

    4) Remain tense throughout the whole movement

    5) Focus on driving yourself into the bench and into the floor, so that the weight is pushed away from you

Check out a detailed demonstration here: 


The 4 Most Common Bench Press Mistakes

Most of the mistakes when performing the bench press are because people are fatigued and they’re trying to get that extra little push and drive. They lose that proper technique that actually helps with driving the bar away from you. 

Here they are:

    1) Feet coming off of the ground

    2) Hips coming off of the bench

This is actually very dangerous and can lead to lower back injuries. 

   3) Wrists perpendicular to bar

Over time, this can create wrist pain and potentially tendonitis. 

    4) Elbows are 90 degrees to torso.

This isn’t necessarily inherently bad for you, but you’re creating a lot of pressure in the tendon where the pecs, shoulder, and bicep meet. I’ve seen it first hand with people in the gym where they’ve torn the tendon in their pec. 

So be very careful, and turn that elbow in, so that it forms around a 45 degree angle with your torso.

Check out a detailed demonstration here:


With correct technique and by avoiding these four mistakes, you’ll target a bit more of the triceps and the lats. It might be a bit harder to initially get going with this form, but overall it’ll keep you healthier for longer and allow you to lift more.

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