A Work in Progress


By Miles Krol, Founder of Milesfit

We're all works in progress doing the best we can with what we know (and doing the best we can given the circumstances of our lives). Perfection is an illusion. Ideal happenings don't exist. What we want never unfolds as we envisioned it. That's the name of the game.

We only know what we know, and we don't know what we don't know. Life is a journey of uncovering that which we don't know to make the unknown known. If we had it all figured out, there wouldn't be much point to the quest of life. The hero's journey is about self-discovery through constant micro-journeys jump started with calls to action, followed by facing dragons, and finally coming full circle with the treasure in hand. Journey - challenge - victory. And, victory can mean getting yourself beaten down to a fine pulp. Sometimes you have to lose to win.


GOOP: the Good Opinion of Other People

People love to have opinions. Facts? No. Educated guesses rooted in false notions? Absolutely. 

Why do we form opinions? Because we need certainty. We have to be able to anchor our minds quasi-logically in reality to have a stable base from which we can not only operate and function, but equally be able to bond with others (and be accepted within a tribe via these common beliefs). 

Certainty and acceptance drive so many of our actions (even if the roots are in falsehoods). Look at what happened during the Holocaust. The German population were faced with uncertain times where the possible notion of certainty brought peace to these unsettled parts. What ensued after that was a tribal union of birds of a feather flocking together to commit inhumane atrocities. A need for certainty and a need to be accepted by a tribe can push us way off the path.

Remember, don't worry about what other people think of you. No one can think anything of you because no one can know you (and no one can be you).

So what people think or say about you are educated guesses at best based in their worlds of belief based on what agendas and perspectives they have (based only on the limited info they have).

The only way for someone to have a legitimate opinion or assessment of you is if they are you, and they've walked in your tattered shoes. This is impossible because no one can be you except for you!

The only person who knows any truth is the person you confront at the end of the day while you're alone in your bed in silence is yourself.

Keep marching to the beat of your own drum focused on your intentions!



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