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Eat Sugar
Now I know what you’re thinking. Eat sugar?! How could that be a nutrition tip?! Common fitness “logic” always tells us to avoid sugar like the plague! Well, I’m not saying eat sugar at every meal, nor am I telling you to add a teaspoon of the stuff to every single dish! The scientific research around over-consuming sugar is clear: it’s not a great idea.
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Milesfit: Transforming Lives Through Fitness
“At Milesfit, we facilitate the physical, emotional and psychological transformation of our clients through fitness.” Change can be daunting for all of us. The way we live our lives is influenced by many factors. Our upbringing, our experiences, the things we’re exposed to by the media, the things we tell ourselves and allow ourselves to believe about the world.
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3 Tips to Improve Your Posture
Establishing and maintaining good posture is an important but often overlooked aspect of health and wellbeing. Having misaligned posture negatively impacts our comfort, sleep quality, sports performance, breathing, and even our metabolism! The body is a complicated machine, and when parts are out of alignment, it can’t function properly. In our society, we spend a lot of time sitting down. This leads to imbalances in our posture. The typical posture we see and experience is what is often called “the Donald Duck posture”. Our hips tighten from sitting, which pulls our pelvis into an anterior tilt, making our butts stick out. Then, to compensate, we pull our chest up and out by tightening with our lats, opening up our ribcage and shutting down our deep abdominal muscles. Now that our lats are tight from all that chest-puffing, our shoulders begin to roll forward, and our shoulder blades pull away from each other.
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Be Your Authentic Self
We live in a society that often asks us to be something other than ourselves. The pressures to change ourselves are everywhere. “Fitter” body, nicer clothes, whiter smile, better job, more money. We are constantly taught to strive for more and more, to focus all of our energy on improving ourselves and paying for solutions to problems that don’t actually exist. We’re taught that being ourselves is not enough. We have to be more. We’re told that if we don’t do these things we won’t be accepted, we won’t be liked, we won’t be loved. We’re social creatures. We thrive on connection and belonging, on being a part of a whole. When we’re told that just being ourselves isn’t good enough and that we run the risk of being left out unless we change, we often cave under that pressure.
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Can I Eat Carbs To Lose Weight?
Can I eat carbs to lose weight? This is a very common question that people ask me, and there are a lot of different opinions out there online. So I think it’s important to take some time to really break this down and put it into context. Let’s start with an example of an average person who might have 10 to 25 pounds to lose. That person hasn't likely been following an optimal nutrition plan, so the first step in their journey is to clean up their diet. In the early stages of that kind of weight loss, I’d generally suggest cutting carbs out of their diet for anywhere between one and four weeks.
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Weekend Nutrition Advice
Weekend nutrition! This is where so many of us take a wrong turn and over-eat and over-indulge! If you're trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, be fit, and control your weight, throwing everything to the wind on the weekend is NOT the answer!
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Meal Prep: The Missing Link of Weight-Loss Success
The number one area where most people fail when it comes to losing weight is nutrition! You can exercise daily, and burn lots of calories, but if you’re in a caloric surplus (or in a massive deficit – i.e. eating too little food), your weight-loss results won’t happen. With all that said, it becomes quite clear fast that we must pay very close attention to our nutrition if we want to succeed with our fat-loss journey! I get questions all the time about what to eat and when, and what diet is the best, and these are all great and important questions. But it's important to remember that even before choosing what to eat and when, a more important topic of discussion needs to be explored, and that is the topic of meal preparation (AKA meal prep). Meal prep takes many forms. Here are 3 classic ways of meal prepping:
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31 Protein Shake Recipes
Protein is an essential macro-nutrient for getting in shape and so there’s no disputing the fact that protein shakes are an important tool for fitness gains and fat loss. Not only does a protein shake meal replacement take only a few minutes to prepare
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3 Diet Secrets
Want to drop some bodyweight this month? It’s more possible than you think! Incorporate the following diet secrets into your daily routine to naturally boost your metabolism, automatically lower your daily consumption of calories, and keep your motivation going strong so that you drop excess fat quicker than ever before.
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2 Key Nutrition Tips to Lose Weight
Following some kind of diet to lose weight will fail 9 times out of 10! Why is that? Well, the main reason is because following a diet is basically in essence following a complex system of change. Starting something completely new from what we're used to comes as a shock/radical shift to our lifestyle habits, and ultimately presents too many items to change all at once. The secret to achieving the weight-loss and health goals you desire is to take your time and slow things down. This zen mantra is known as: less is more. By doing less, you'll be able to actually follow and stick to the game-plan. Yes, the journey will take longer, but time is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things [it's really all about achieving and, more importantly, SUSTAINING the goal(s)]. With all that said, check out this video below for 2-key nutrition tips to help you lose weight and have more energy. Enjoy!
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New Year Resolutions and Making Change
Every 1st of the New Year comes that special time again! The calendar resets and we have an opportunity at a fresh start/clean slate. Time to establish and follow through on our New Year resolutions!! Full of excitement and motivation, we go forward hoping that this year will be different from previous ones, but unfortunately 90%+ of us hit a brick wall come mid-January when we fall off track and break our new habits. Watch this video below to learn how to make REAL lasting change and actually follow through on your goals, dreams, and desires!
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I Lost 100 lbs - My Weight-Loss Journey
It may surprise some of you to find out that, not too long ago, I was nowhere near as fit or healthy as I am today. Just a short 6 years ago, I weighed 270lbs, a full 100lbs heavier than today. I was exercising regularly, but my idea of training was quite at odds with the reality of being healthy and fit. I was focused purely on putting on size, which ultimately led to me being fat and inflamed (not practicing what I was preaching). The journey to become...
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