Our system

Diet plans don’t work. At Milesfit, we understand that changing one’s lifestyle does not happen in an instant—it’s a process that takes time, focus and constant support. Knowing this, we implement a step-by-step nutrition coaching program that helps you achieve your goal—whether that be to lose weight, improve digestion, boost energy levels or build lean muscle tissue. We create a plan that’s just right for you to deliver lasting results.

Our coaching works to optimize every aspect of your physiology—balancing you from the inside out. We begin the coaching process with an initial consultation, done to gather information about your body and daily routine. We work closely with you to find strategies that meet your needs and suit your lifestyle. We also schedule regular follow-up visits to ensure you make a smooth, successful transition to your newly-improved lifestyle. This constant coaching provides you with the support you need and the motivation to stay focused and on course.

How it all works

Before your initial evaluation, you are given in-depth questionnaires, designed to gather all data pertaining to your physiology and health needs. From digestion and sleep habits to metabolic functions and eating patterns, we’ll uncover your unique physiological blueprint—gaining powerful insight into your organ and glandular functioning.

Once the questionnaires have been filled out, we’re ready to begin the process, starting with our initial evaluation

The initial evaluation includes:

  1. Nutrition and lifestyle consultation, discussing your needs, reviewing your questionnaire answers and delving deeper into the inner workings of your body’s physiology. It’s also our goal to fully educate you, addressing any questions or concerns you might have. In addition, we strive to clearly identify lifestyle factors involved in making the desired health shift—from barriers and obstacles to daily needs and requirements. 
  2. Digestive function assessment, including a zinc levels test administered in the initial consultation and a take-home stomach acid test (complete with clear instructions sent by e-mail). These tests help us evaluate your digestive system, which is crucial to the breakdown and absorption of food. Any problems at this level (ie: low stomach acid) can limit your body’s ability to breakdown and absorb the food you eat and ultimately be the cause of other physiological problems in your body.
  3. Body-fat testing, which gives insight into your internal physiology and a reference point to monitor your progress over time. The test consists of a 12-site skin-fold measurement. Tracking and monitoring data is an important part of the process—it’s motivating to see your numbers drop over time.
  4. Hormonal analysis, using the Biosignature system created by Charles Poliquin, world-renowned strength coach and physiology expert. Your hormones dictate where your body stores fat. The Biosignature method enables us to analyze your fat storage patterns and gain insight into your hormonal profile—allowing us to truly customize your nutrition and supplementation.
  5. Measurement and data gathering, including front, side and back photos, measurements and a weigh-in, all used to establish your starting point. By gathering this information, we’re able to track your progress over time. Measuring your weight loss allows you to see the fruits of your labours, keeping your motivation up as you shift your lifestyle over time.

After the initial evaluation, your starter plan will be custom-designed and sent to you via e-mail. You’ll receive:

  1. Preliminary nutrition and lifestyle tasks
  2. Supplement plan

Coaching explained

After the questionnaires, initial evaluation and jump-start plan, you’ll be able to choose a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month coaching package. These packages consist of follow-ups every two weeks. During each visit, we track your progress, review your tasks and formulate a new plan for the following weeks. Regular visits with a coach keep you motivated and held accountable. With someone supporting you during every step of your journey, you’ll see better progress and ensure you achieve your nutritional goals.

Each of our 30-minute nutritional follow-up sessions consists of:

  1. 12-site body-fat caliper testing
  2. Hormonal analysis, using the Biosignature system
  3. Photos, measurements and weigh-in
  4. Review of prior tasks and assignments
  5. Answering questions and addressing any problems
  6. Session summary sent via e-mail, including new tasks and objectives, reminders, tips and guidelines, plus other relevant information

*Insurance receipts available!